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Clinical decision support transforming healthcare delivery

Developing digital health solutions for both doctors and patients designed to improve health outcomes, reduce treatment costs and save lives.
Personalised, Connected Care.
DXS International provides NHS approved clinical support solutions for clinicians and patients, to improve outcomes, reduce costs and save lives.


Clinical decision support – managing information overload in general practice

A best-of-breed CDS solution that includes; automatic provision of decision support as part of clinician workflow. Includes a comprehensive knowledge base and content rich pathways.

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Clinical templates and referral forms for EMIS Web and SystmOne – navigating complex consultation workflows

A complete, best evidence medicine clinical template toolset with analytics and reporting features designed to free-up time and maximise return in general practice.

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Managing hypertension – a unique digital medicines optimisation solution

A digital medicines optimisation solution designed to simplify complex medicines prescribing using expert algorithms that empowers nurses and pharmacists to manage complex hypertensive patients.

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Mobile health app – an intelligent digital platform for connected care

A comprehensive long-term condition management platform that digitally connects doctors and patients and improves condition control and treatment outcomes while saving practices time.

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digital health

It’s time for healthcare to go digital

At DXS we build practical IT health software solutions designed to solve the many complex problems encountered by general practice. We recognise that digital technologies have the potential to transform how the NHS delivers care and we focus on empowering both clinicians and patients with software tools that make the most of healthcare resources available today.

Benefits for all – saving time, money and most importantly, human lives

Whether you are a GP practice, Primary Care Network, a Federation or a CCG, our solutions are designed to maximise return on investment.

  • For GP practices – improved productivity and time-savings, increased practice income and clinical safety.
  • For the patients – better health outcomes in-line with best evidence medicine.
  • For the CCG – overall improved CCG performance against national benchmarks, reduced variation and improved levels of care across the population. Improved data and reporting.
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Best evidence care

Experts agree that clinical decision support systems play an important role in reducing variation in care and driving management according to best evidence medicine. Best evidence medicine is a cornerstone of all our solutions. Our clinical team – with decades of collective experience – are experts at converting comprehensive NICE, SIGN, RCGP and GOLD guidance and standards into easy-to-use electronic decision support tools. This experience ensures that we are uniquely placed to provide the most clinically accurate clinical decision support tools available in the NHS today.

A modular approach

Our solutions are designed to be modular and flexible and conform with the forthcoming GP IT Futures framework standards. They can be deployed as standalone modules or seamlessly integrated into a single solution for maximum healthcare delivery impact.

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Clinical Assurance

Clinical Assurance is important. Our team of highly experienced full-time clinicians including general practitioners, nurses and pharmacists have been building electronic clinical documents for over a decade. In recent years more than 25 000 clinical documents have passed through their hands. Their deep clinical insights and production efforts – governed by stringent NHS-audited clinical safety protocols and internal oversight – come together to make our clinical decision support and productivity tools, functional, up-to-date and clinically safe.

Data security and privacy

All our solutions conform strictly to NHS Digital Standards as well as NHS and EU Data Security and Information Governance standards including GDPR. Where applicable, our solutions are securely hosted on the NHS’ Health and Social Care Network (HSCN).

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. . . Generally speaking the ease with which I can search for word, find the form, fill in the relevant bits along with the autopopulation, and then save/email it off immediately is really satisfying. If I think about where we were with our referral processes and access to pathways across primary care before the CCG commissioned this platform, and you and your colleagues put in all the hard work, it was a million miles away from what we have now and take for granted. I bet you anything that if it all packed up tomorrow we'd hear nothing but moaning about wanting it back and how much better life was when we had it!

Keep up the good work!
Dr Richard Pile
GP Partner & Cardiology GPSI
Herts Valleys CCG board member
The NHS has awarded DXS with Official Supplier Status as "Official Supplier NHS Digital General Practice System of Choice", "Official Supplier NHS London Procurement Partnership" and "Official Supplier NHS Shared Business Services". DXS won the AQSE Small-Cap Company of the Year Award 2021.
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Personalised, Connected Care