DXS’s Rapid Response to COVID-19 Crisis

Comprehensive virus toolset and remote working capabilities at the forefront

Crisis is often what drives change and the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing NHS clinical staff to quickly change their ways of working. DXS has rapidly responded to the crisis in two main ways. First, by making sure that our DXS Point-of-Care and CompleteCare users can access our solutions remotely and second, by launching our comprehensive and clinically assured DXS COVID-19 toolset.

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Connecting to DXS Point-of-Care from home

Due to the high GP practice staff demand for remote working tools and functionality, DXS has a home working request process. The process will assist primary care GPs, nurses and other practice staff forced to work from home to easily gain remote access to our Point-of-Care solution.

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DXS Point-of-Care: What’s New

As part of our ongoing quality improvement programme, we are dedicated to making Point-of-Care better, faster, and more responsive to customer needs. Several important new features have been added to DXS Point-of-Care that provides significant benefits for users. These include features such as, a new spell check feature to highlight spelling errors, the ability to add unusual words to a custom dictionary, and much more.

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DXS Best Pathway secures a place on centrally-funded GP IT Futures Framework

The DXS Best Pathway module, also known as Point-of-Care, is now an accredited software solution soon to be available for call-off on the new NHS GP IT Futures Procurement Framework. GP IT Futures, that came into effect in January 2020, is the replacement of the old GP IT Procurement Framework (GPSoC 2).

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Keeping you up to date with our new social media profiles

DXS is excited to announce the launch of our new social media profiles. Not only will these be a source of information, but also a means to keep you up to date with all of DXS’ developments and products.

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