Connecting to DXS Point-of-Care from home

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Our Remote Access Service is Quick and Easy

April 2020

Due to the high GP practice staff demand for remote working tools and functionality, DXS has a home working request process. The process will assist primary care GPs, nurses and other practice staff forced to work from home to easily gain remote access to our Point-of-Care solution.

Our remote access service will allow you to work remotely with DXS Point-of-Care within your clinical system (EMIS / TPP) and use local forms and content, as you would within your GP practice.

There are a number of ways in which remote working with DXS Point-of-Care can be achieved. Please get in touch with us and allow us to provide you with a few simple installation details. We will then send you the appropriate instructions on how to download and install the DXS Point-of-Care client to enable you to gain access.

There is no fee for this during the challenging times COVID-19 has presented. Requests for remote DXS Point-of-Care access can be made via the link below.

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