Delivering A Net-Zero DXS


Paving the Way to a Sustainable Future

20 June 23

In an era where technology reigns as the driving force behind progress and innovation, it is of paramount importance to harness it sustainably.

DXS acknowledges the pressing need for environmental change and is committed to our goal of achieving a net-zero status by 2030, in alignment with NHS targets.

In addition to our initiative of linking SMART form referrals to planting trees since 2022, we are investigating ways of optimising energy consumption and offsetting remaining emissions to reduce our carbon footprint.

Moreover, we are involving our staff by encouraging sustainable practices and will also be working with our customers to foster a culture of environmental responsibility and collaboration.

Environmental impact evaluations will be conducted with several customer projects to assess how SMART use of our digital health solutions mitigates environmental impact. With these evaluations, we will assist our customers in achieving their own sustainability goals, including the NHS net zero target.

We understand that achieving net zero is a continuous process and we will remain committed to constant evaluation and improvement as new opportunities and technologies emerge.

Thank you for your continued support as we strive to accelerate meaningful change within healthcare. We look forward to sharing our journey towards net zero.

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