Redefining Referral Efficiency – Rollout Begins This February

February 2024

The integration we’ve all eagerly awaited, is here. We are excited to share that DXS has integrated Point-of-Care with the Electronic Referral Service (e-RS), marking a significant advancement in the transfer of referrals.

The integration is now live, and rollout has already started this February.

DXS customers will now be able to connect with the e-RS system directly within Point-of-Care. To fully unlock the potential of this integration, it is crucial to ensure the enabling and configuration of content within Point-of-Care to be e-RS-ready. Please reach out to your assigned DXS Account or Content Manager to ensure your team can harness the full power of the integration.

This milestone not only simplifies but elevates the referral process, ensuring a smoother and more streamlined experience. Click here to see the Point-of-Care e-RS integration.

Stay tuned for a rollout that promises to redefine the way you manage referrals with DXS and e-RS!

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