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Templates And Referral Forms For EMIS Web

CompleteCare for EMIS brings you a comprehensive best evidence medicine clinical template toolset designed to simplify complex treatment pathways.

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A template toolset that makes your QOF management quick and easy

emis templatesOur advanced templates and tools solution assist with EMIS protocol-driven long-term condition management and practice QOF work. Our up-to-date and clinically assured templates are enriched with more than 500 patient leaflets, and over fifty diagnostic and assessment scoring tools. CompleteCare brings ease to your recording and standardisation procedures, together with digital delivery within your clinician workflow.

A comprehensive library
  • Quick entry / QOF condition templates
  • Comprehensive long-term condition templates
  • Cancer referral criteria templates

A smart QOF toolset including an advanced long-term condition prevalence case finding tool and QOF recall solution that helps to organise and automate your QOF workflow

Prevalence Tool - Ensuring that LTC patients are well managed and your QOF points are maximised

CompleteCare’s powerful LTC Prevalence Tool is designed to interrogate your clinical system and identify disease prevalence in your practice. Our solution uses advanced formulae to drive a powerful EMIS Prevalence Search and Report solution. The LTC Prevalence Tool aims to increase your practice’s annual QOF points, while ensuring your practice aligns with the national average. The tool identifies patients with a history suggesting they could suffer from an undiagnosed QOF condition and enables qualifying patients to be added to the QOF registers.

emis templates
CompleteCare’s Prevalence Search and Report Solution helps
  • Boost practice QOF rewards
  • Highlight areas where the practice is below the national prevalence average
  • Reduce clinician time in patient and cohort reporting and identification
  • Ensure the proper management of LTC patients
QOF Recall System - Organising and spreading the QOF workload over time

Our complete QOF Recall System enables your practice to spread and manage your QOF recall work over the full QOF period and avoid the deadline rush. The solution automatically organises LTC patient recalls according to their individual month of birth. This spreads practice QOF workload across the year. CompleteCare’s QOF Recall System frees up clinician time by empowering practice admin staff to take charge of the recall process. It also ensures accurate coding and progress tracking. Communication features include clinical system triggered alerts and reminders for practice staff.

emis templates
CompleteCare’s QOF Recall System Solution helps
  • Maximise practice QOF achievement
  • Reduce admin recall costs
  • Ensure equality to all patients for recalls
  • Streamline QOF recall process and saves valuable time
  • Provide safety nets for non-attenders
emis templates

Drug Alerts and Monitoring

Amber drug tools that quickly allows a prescriber to check that a patient’s monitoring is up-to-date with the monitoring requirements of the amber drugs they are taking, and either codes appropriately or offers advice.

Clinically-assured and always up-to-date

Clinically-assured and always up-to-date

Our team of highly experienced full-time clinicians (general practitioners and pharmacists) have been building electronic clinical documents for over a decade. Their deep clinical insights and production efforts – governed by stringent NHS-audited clinical safety protocols and internal oversight – come together to make our templates both functional and clinically safe.

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evidence-based best practice
Aligned to NICE, SIGN and RCGP evidence-based best practice

Aligned to NICE, SIGN and RCGP evidence-based best practice

Our clinical team – with decades of collective experience – are experts at converting comprehensive NICE, SIGN, RCGP and GOLD guidance and standards into easy-to-use electronic decision support forms and tools. This experience ensures that we are uniquely placed to provide the most clinically accurate templates available in the NHS today.

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QOF and National Enhanced Services
Supporting QOF and National Enhanced Services (NES)

Supporting QOF and National Enhanced Services (NES)

DXS CompleteCare expert templates are designed to make coding simple, accurate, and seamless for QOF, NES reports, payment claims. Our advanced coding model also guarantees accurate patient identification for screening initiatives, medicine reviews, and enhanced services.

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