DXS Forest of Referrals

DXS forest of referrals

SMART Referrals in Support of Our NHS and Environment

February 2022

In January, DXS launched its innovative More:Trees challenge – a sign of our commitment to reducing our environmental impact for a better future.

Responsible for processing over a million referrals a year, DXS smart referrals have a tremendous effect on the NHS. GP surgeries save an inordinate amount of time every day, referral bounce rates significantly decrease, and patient journeys are not wasted into the hospital.

We are linking our smart referrals to planting trees in areas around the world that need reforestation and increased biodiversity.

DXS will be providing practices, PCNs, CCGs, and ICSs/ICBs a dashboard to see how they are contributing, and the number of trees planted. Small change, big impact.

Click here to see DXS’ virtual forest.

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