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Introducing PoC Version 5.3.6 – Some Exciting New Features to Enhance User Experience

November 2020

DXS is committed to enhancing our Point-of-Care (PoC) solution. We are delighted to announce some new features that have been added to PoC version 5.3.6 to improve the user experience and to support optimal healthcare delivery. These features include:

  • A news feed section that enables CCGs to place two to three relevant news items on the PoC home screen. The news feed can be used to create awareness of local news with links to the web for more information or to create awareness of clinical content with an easy link to that content in PoC. There is also a DXS News feed section that we will use to keep everyone up to date.
  • Improved audit logging that can be found under the ‘Log’ tab of referral forms. All completed actions such as editing, emailing, and saving will now be shown in a comprehensive table.
  • The clinical code and comment/note added when a user assigns a referral form to a staff member or staff group will now be recorded in the patient record.
  • Validation of data and information on referral forms is now available. Examples include BMI / HbA1c ranges, patient age, and patient weight. The form will highlight if inclusion or exclusion criteria for specific referrals is not met. This will benefit practices by reducing incomplete and rejected referral submissions, additionally helping with accurate data capture and coding within the patient record.

Improving customer experience with each new release lies at the heart of DXS. We are continually looking at ways to enhance and deliver high standard products to our customers. Please continue to discuss enhancement requests with your Account Manager or log a request via our service portal at support@dxs-systems.com.

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