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PoC Version 5.3.1 Introduces Some Exciting New Features

April 2020

As part of our ongoing quality improvement programme, we are dedicated to making Point-of-Care better, faster, and more responsive to customer needs. Several important new features have been added to DXS Point-of-Care that provides significant benefits for users. These include:

  • A new spell check feature to highlight spelling errors. The spell check feature has been developed based on the British English and Drug dictionaries. The functionality has been implemented in referral form fields as well as in the search bar.
  • The ability to add unusual words to a custom dictionary. The custom dictionary is stored in the ‘Roaming Profile’ folder for each user.
  • The details appearing on the email error notification have been improved, leading to quicker resolution of the issue by either the user or our Support Desk.
  • A default pass-back code has been added for all email actions to audit the entry in the patient record. The default code is only used when a custom pass-back code has not already been set by your CCG.

Version 5.3.1 also includes various fixes, such as a fix for incorrect details showing on referral forms when saving. For more information on the enhancements made, please read through our release notes.

We value our customers and therefore we want our product to be of the highest standard. There is always room for improvement, and with each release we aim to better our product and your user experience.

Please continue to discuss enhancement requests with your Account Manager or log a request via our service portal at support@dxs-systems.com.

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