clinical decision support

A clinical Decision Support Solution For General Practice

Point-of-Care is a general practice clinical decision support platform that brings together the best tools for the way practices work today. It synergises and augments our modular solutions including CompleteCare, ExpertCare and MyVytalCare, all designed to help practices cope with today’s high-pressure healthcare delivery.

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clinical decision support
Comprehensive Knowledge Base
A single, essential clinical knowledge base and information platform that overcomes information overload

Medical knowledge is expanding exponentially, and healthcare practitioners often struggle to keep abreast of information, and that could impact on patient care. Access to DXS PoC is activated in the clinician consultation workflow providing immediate access to relevant and uniform knowledge and information that is tightly aligned to national and local protocols, guidelines and more. It is designed to improve clinical knowledge, provide instant access to best evidence treatment pathways, medicines advice and features that help to save time and improve outcomes.

  • Best evidence medicine guidance (national and local)
  • Clinical pathways
  • NICE and SIGN guidance documents
  • Travel advice
  • Diagnostic scoring tools
  • Patient UK leaflets
  • Medicines information
  • Localised to your requirements

Enhanced decision-making support in the clinical workflow

DXS’ Point-of-Care (PoC) clinical decision support solution provides clinicians and primary care staff with instant access to high quality clinical guidance, treatment pathways and forms intelligently filtered and presented at the appropriate time. Our solution encompasses a variety of tools to enhance decision-making in the clinical workflow. Research shows that clinicians frequently raise questions about patient care in their practice. Roughly half of the questions are never pursued. PoC makes it easy for health professionals to rapidly find contextual evidence-based answers designed to improve clinical decision making.

clinical decision support
clinical decision support
An extensive and up-to-date medical knowledge base

In today’s fast-paced world, medical knowledge is expanding exponentially and is projected to double every 73 days by 2020. PoC deals with medical information overload by providing a platform for integrating evidence-based knowledge into care delivery workflow. Our comprehensive, searchable database with more than 25 000 national, regional and local clinically relevant documents ranging from professional guidance, patient and medicines information is sourced from the UK’s leading medical publishers and organisations. It also enables national (NHS UK), regional (CCGs) authorities and / or local practices to manage and distribute relevant and policy aligned decision support information to primary care users.

Evidence that decision support significantly improves clinical practice

PoC meets the primary features judged by research to be a best-of-breed CDS solution these include; automatic provision of decision support as part of clinician workflow; provision of decision support at the time and location of decision making; and computer-based decision support. The results of 70 studies show that when combined in a single solution, these features deliver significant improvements in clinical practice.

DXS Clinical Decision Support has important benefits, including:

  • Increased quality of care and enhanced health outcomes
  • Avoidance of errors and adverse events
  • Improved efficiency, cost-benefit, and provider and patient satisfaction

clinical decision support
clinical decision support
In workflow alerts and reminders

Includes on-screen alerts and reminders to care providers that link to treatment guides and recommendations and drives just-in-time informed and responsive decision-making.

clinical decision support
Clinically coded and organised

All content is clinically coded and organised to ensure context relevance and to slot into the consultation workflow. This allows for quick document retrieval at the point of care.

clinical decision support

Allows STPs CCGs, GP federations to disseminate and implement localised treatment guidance standards such as NICE, SIGN or NHS evidence by means of direct integration into the users’ daily workflow.

Best Pathways
clinical decision support
Pathways made discrete, simple and easy to follow

Best Pathways is an add-on module that – when used in conjunction with PoC – creates a powerful solution designed to improve treatment outcomes and reduce unwarranted variation in care. Our Care Pathways are structured plans of care, designed to support the implementation of CCG designated clinical guidelines and protocols. The flowchart-style care pathways provide detailed NHS Best Evidence guidance for each stage in the management of a patient with a specific condition and are built around diagnostic codes. The module is integrated into the primary care professional workflow via the GP IT clinical systems and provides validated treatment recommendations in a simple easy to follow format.

Standardised care delivery saves lives and money

Best Pathways is used by 34 CCGs and 1 800 GP practices to manage the quality in healthcare concerning the standardisation of care processes. Research shows that the use of clinical pathways reduces the variability in clinical practice and improves outcomes. According to NICE, if chronic patients were being treated in compliance with NICE pathways this could translate to an estimated minimum NHS saving of £2 billion per annum.

clinical decision support



clinical decision support


GP Practices

clinical decision support
Saving GP time and NHS money

Our pathways are designed to save General Practice time and NHS money. Rich features that include embedded pointers to supporting literature and auto-populating referral forms. Together with on screen alerts, these features help alleviate practice administrative burdens while simultaneously promoting optimal patient care. Our GP IT clinical systems integrations with read and write back functionality means that individual patient records and practice record keeping is always up to date.

DXS Pathways a vital tool for GP practices
clinical decision support

Enhances clinician productivity, cuts down on administration and improves patient safety

clinical decision support

Evidence-based protocols ensure clinical workflow is delivered systematically

clinical decision support

Guides doctors and nurses in the application of best-evidence medicine and reduces variation in care

clinical decision support

Gives clinical assurance and validation for clinician decision-making

clinical decision support

Empowers less qualified health professionals to implement best-evidence care

Personalised, Connected Care