DXS’s Rapid Response to COVID-19 Crisis

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Comprehensive virus toolset and remote working capabilities at the forefront

03 April 20

Crisis is often what drives change and the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing NHS clinical staff to quickly change their ways of working. DXS has rapidly responded to the crisis in two main ways. First, by making sure that our DXS Point-of-Care and CompleteCare users can access our solutions remotely and second, by launching our comprehensive and clinically assured DXS COVID-19 toolset.

Both moves will support NHS primary care clinicians to continue the fight against the outbreak from wherever they are practicing and with instant access to the vital clinical decision tools they need.

Our COVID-19 toolset is designed to help clinicians record the virus impact, monitor all vital statistics and keep record of suspected patients and their health – from the date of diagnosis, throughout the patient's infection period. It also serves as a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge resource with access to the latest validated COVID-19 information. The DXS COVID-19 toolset includes the following main items:


  • Care pathway on COVID-19
  • Patient leaflet regarding travel risks
  • Travel advice for some affected countries


  • COVID-19 clinical data entry template
  • COVID-19 protocol

At a time like this, it’s easy for doctors and nurses to be overwhelmed by information. Front-line clinicians don’t have the time to filter through hoards of data. So, in addition to our toolset components, we have added a moderated supporting information section designed to keep you abreast of only the most relevant virus-related information and services. We will do our best to keep this section current and pertinent.

As a start, we’ve included the following items:

Our aim is to provide exceptional support to our users during these tough times and we are likely to be communicating with you more frequently. If you need to get in touch, our support lines will remain open between the hours of 07:30–19:00 Monday to Friday.

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