Referral Workflow

Saving You Time and Improving Referral Workflow

23 June 2022

After a long development cycle, DXS has finally gained access to the e-RS live environment. We are now looking forward to ‘witness testing’ in June and pilot sites rolling out in July across our First-of-Type customer base.

This much-anticipated integration simplifies the referral process involving e-RS by providing one-click access to e-RS service search, e-RS provider search, and the direct transfer of the referral and referral documentation from DXS Point-of-Care to the e-RS platform.

This development has been heralded as very significant by users, bringing efficiencies, better interoperability, and saving practices time.

“Thank you for your patience while we have been working closely with the NHS e-RS team to bring you this direct access from our unique SMART Referrals through to e-RS. This is a significant collaborative step forward between DXS and the NHS, and we will continue to tirelessly develop and improve our solution to meet your needs,” said Steven Bauer, DXS Group COO.

To get a sneak peek of how this feature will work in Point-of-Care, click here.

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