Introducing Aios SMART Referrals


Our NEW Referral Management Solution – Watch This Space!

19 Nov 23

DXS has been hard at work developing our new game-changing solution for referral management – Aios SMART Referrals, built on a modern technology stack.

With tailored features designed to address current limitations, Aios streamlines the referral process by reducing administrative burdens and enhancing patient care while leveraging improved processing to optimise speed and performance.

We have initiated focus group sessions with healthcare professionals from diverse roles, including doctors, nurses, and administrative staff. The feedback on our new solution has been resoundingly positive, and all attendees see the incredible potential Aios holds for the future of patient referrals.

“The product looks amazing, and I am sure it will make a big difference in patient care and safety in primary care!” – Dr Sheikh Mateen Ellahi

“I like that clinicians can utilise the solution within their consultations, and it prompts them the necessary things for the referral. It's very difficult to chase patients afterwards to return to the practice for outstanding information.” – Dr Kandi Ejiofor

“I think the solution is amazing and is going to be really useful. The overall features look amazing and are going to save us a lot of time.” – Rebekah Paul Kumaran

“I love the referral form auto-population. It is brilliant! I also like the overall progress percentage when completing the referral form because once certain things have populated, it is great to see a lot of the work is already done!” – Shenaz Ismail

“As a DXS Point-of-Care user already, this solution would make life so much easier! Everything demonstrated addressed all of the current referral difficulties. The fact that you've got a visual of the referral progress (the status, who it is with, where it's at, who modified it, etc.) would make our working day a hell of a lot easier.” – Katie McGrorey

The future of referral management is looking brighter than ever. Stay tuned for more updates as we progress with the development of Aios SMART Referrals.

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