Our Focus for 2023

17 February 23

We are planning another exciting year of improving healthcare for as many people as possible. Here is a quick snapshot of what we are focusing on in 2023.

This year we will expand our SMART Referral Forms to help improve referral efficiency and reduce waiting times for more customers and in more specialties. With mounting pressure across the NHS, we need to do our bit to help alleviate pressure and this is one way that can benefit all customers and patients. If you have not yet started the SMART referral journey with us, please get in touch. The benefits are profound.

Another key area of focus for us this year is the seamless transfer of referral data from primary care into secondary care systems. This is crucial to reduce time-consuming data capture, errors and omissions, and ensure a richer data set in secondary care.

Coupled with SMART referring is the e-RS direct integration currently progressing through witness testing. It will not only reduce the number of clicks for clinicians and admin teams, but it will also improve analytics reporting for customers.

At the heart of our DXS values is improving healthcare for all. We aim to do this in an environmentally conscious way by making our operation more sustainable. We will be extending our initiative to plant trees, looking inwardly to reduce our carbon emissions, and enabling a more sustainable delivery of healthcare with improved patient outcomes.

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