Referral Forms

Saving Clinician and Patient Time

23 June 2022

Our unique BestPathway SMART Referral Forms are specifically designed to speed-up referral processes and avoid unnecessary referral rejections – costing clinician and patient time.

SMART Referral Form features & benefits include:

Mandatory Fields: This feature quickly shows you which fields are a requirement for the provider, helping you save time and improve the quality of your referrals.

Hyperlinks: Placing useful content within one click, making it easy to access relevant forms and content to help you complete your tasks correctly.

Show and Hide: The hiding or showing of specific form sections to ensure all required information gets completed without unnecessary form cluttering.

Tool Tip Information: Prompts providing users with advice and guidance.

Validation: Rules set to referral form fields or checkboxes identifying whether the patient meets the required medical or demographic criteria for the specific referral. Click here to watch a video on referral form validation.

These SMART features have shown to reduce referral bounce and significantly improving practice productivity. To find out more, please send DXS an email at

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