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February 2024

In the intricate world of healthcare management, the pursuit of efficiency and fiscal responsibility remains a perpetual challenge. However, recent findings from an independent budget impact analysis by Health Tech Enterprise, shed light on the practical benefits of DXS SMART Referral Forms.

The analysis, part funded by Health Innovation East and encompassing both regional and national perspectives, reveals a compelling narrative of significant efficiency improvements and substantial financial return on investment for healthcare providers.

Budgetary Impact of a single SMART Infertility Referral Form within SNEE ICB

Delving into the analysis, the impact over a 1-year period with 100% penetration of the SMART Infertility Referral Form becomes abundantly clear. The data showcases, due to the significant reduction in rejected referrals and missing tests, a remarkable total net 1-year saving of £151,013 and 5-year saving of £713,467 for SNEE ICB. These savings highlight the substantial return on investment afforded by the implementation of multiple DXS SMART Referral Forms across the region.

A lot more SMART Referral Forms

It's important to note that the analysis presented is based on a single SMART Referral Form, related to Infertility. However, DXS offers a comprehensive suite of tailored Referral Forms (380+) with SMART functionality potential, suggesting the actual savings and benefits extend far beyond the scope of this analysis, further amplifying its value proposition for healthcare providers.

Impact at a National Level

Expanding the scope to a national level, the analysis transcends regional boundaries to shed light on the potential impact across NHS England. With data based on 77,170 Infertility Referrals annually, the findings underscore a staggering 1-year net saving of £9,202,570 and 5-year saving of £43,471,649. Remember, that’s for a single SMART Referral Form.

Waiting Lists Reduced. More than just numbers – what about YOU?

Waiting list times, using the SMART Infertility Referral Form, were cut from 44+ weeks to 22 weeks – now that’s impact!

Many people are experiencing favourable effects, including patients, clinicians, and their support teams – all realising the benefits of DXS SMART Referral Forms.

Read our Case Study here to learn more.

….and Net Zero?

Far from being a footnote, using DXS SMART Referral Forms helps reduce the Carbon Footprint of the NHS. Digitisation reduces the need to use paper and the effect of reduced inappropriate referrals results in far fewer unnecessary patient journeys. It’s most definitely a win, win!

Read about our Carbon Reduction Plan here.

In summary, the results of the independent budget impact analysis paint a compelling picture of the transformative power of DXS SMART Referral Forms. As healthcare providers navigate the complexities of modern healthcare, embracing innovative solutions becomes paramount. By leveraging DXS SMART Referral Forms, providers can unlock unprecedented efficiency improvements and realise significant financial returns, ultimately advancing the quality and accessibility of care for patients across the board.

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