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Watch our SMART Feature Compilation Video!

19 Nov 23

We are sure you must have heard about our SMART Referral Form features, designed to transform referral accuracy and efficiency, by now.

For those who are new or wish to revisit them, we compiled all of the features and their benefits into a single, concise video. This video provides an overview and demonstration of the capabilities of our SMART features.

Watch the video here: https://bestpathway.co.uk/smart_referrals.php

Please share this video with anyone in your network who might benefit from learning about these game-changing features.

Need more information or have any questions? Contact us at hello@dxs-systems.co.uk.

We are committed to not only enhancing your efficiency but also contributing to a greener NHS. To learn more about how our SMART Referral Forms support environmental sustainability, visit our website: https://bestpathway.co.uk/aboutus.php

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