The Rise Of Remote GP Consultations

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Remote GP Consultations

23 November 2020

One of the few positives emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic is the human capacity to embrace change. DXS has ensured easy remote access to our DXS Point-of-Care solution to provide general practitioners with efficient remote-working support.

DXS has received and delivered a significant number of remote-working requests to assist practitioners during the challenging COVID-19 pandemic. Remote accessibility to DXS Point-of-Care allows users to work within their clinical system (EMIS or SystmOne) and use all local forms and content when working from home. The setup process is simple and quick. Practitioners who already have access to our remote Point-of-Care solution are very appreciative of having DXS at home.

The pandemic became an unexpected catalyst for embracing technology in healthcare services. Forced to work from home, GPs and other practice staff gained a newfound appreciation for technological benefits improving daily operations.

Allow us to assist you in providing proper patient care while working remotely with our remote DXS Point-of-Care access. Get in touch for installation details and the appropriate instructions to enable you access. Requests for remote DXS Point-of-Care access can be made via the link below.

“Everyone I speak to confirms that the migration was quicker and easier than they’d anticipated and that they really appreciate the improvements to the ways of working (shared documents and remote access to DXS) offered by the change. I think this is a massive testament to the clean, competent and efficient way that you are dealing with our practices.” – Nicole Lambton, Herts Valleys CCG

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