Unveiling DXS CompleteCare – Medicines Monitoring Toolkit: Designed to Streamline Medicine Management

Antibiotic Boom

Assisting with the Ongoing Monitoring of High-Risk Medicines

November 2020

Medication management and monitoring are becoming increasingly complicated, especially for patients with several coexisting conditions. Our newly introduced DXS CompleteCare Medicines Monitoring Toolkit promotes patient safety by assisting clinicians in the ongoing monitoring of high-risk medicines.

Our CompleteCare Medicines Monitoring Toolkit is built directly into SystmOne and EMIS clinical systems.

  • When opening a patient record, users are prompted by a choice of pop-up or alert.
  • This prompt will detail which drugs (currently taken by the patient) require monitoring, as well as identify which drugs are out of date or require review as per the monitoring requirements.
  • The prompts link directly to data-entry templates to update the record or request further investigations (e.g. bloods, liver function tests, urinalysis), or referrals to supportive services.

The unintrusive toolkit simplifies complex medicine monitoring for clinicians, saving time and effort in reviewing the patient record. It also empowers administrative staff to proactively support patient care by either managing patients by cohorts via a recall system, or, opportunistically booking in the patient with nursing clinics when it can be seen that the patient is due for monitoring review.

The Medicines Monitoring Toolkit boasts an extensive library of supported medication that can easily be tailored to support every practices’ needs and can be utilised to ensure more effective medicine monitoring at practice, PCN, CCG or federation level, providing financial savings to be reinvested.

This Medicines Monitoring Toolkit is one of several clinically assured supportive tools, templates and solutions built within EMIS and SystmOne to help you achieve optimal patient care.

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The estimated NHS costs of avoidable ADRs are £98.5 million per year, consuming 181,626 bed-days, causing 712 deaths, and contributing to 1,708 deaths.

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